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Quit paying full retail for your holiday lights

Get high quality commercial grade products at wholesale prices through Lights at Wholesale and now get an additional 5% discount with promo code: Freddy5 at checkout.

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Lights at Wholesale is an absolute dream of a holiday lights supplier

The products from Lights at Wholesale are commercial grade quality, delivered right to your door. Whether you or your client prefers the cool white, warm white, traditional, or winter wonderland aesthetic, Lights at Wholesale has the bulbs, lights, and accesories for you.

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The lights you choose to install reflects on your business

When you are choosing which lights to purchase and use for your commercial and residential christmas light or holiday light installation business you want to make sure that you use a reputable retailer, supplier, or distributor.

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High quality bulbs

The bulbs from Lights at Wholesale look better at night due to their rich, bright color that was designed to prevent fading of the bulbs and dimly lit displays.

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Commercial grade durability

Commercial grade LED bulbs are made with higher grade materials, just like the bulbs at Lights at Wholesale. You will get a durable product that will require less service calls to replace plugs, wires, and bulbs.

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Make money while hanging lights

The holidays are stressful and there are tons of people in your area that will be looking for christmas decorating, hanging lights, and event decorating services.

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Business is booming

The opportunity for big money is there, some of the most successful businesses in the industry handle over $5 million dollars in annual installation clients.

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Focus on the steps

If you are considering going into the holiday light installation business, the best advice I can give is to focus on each step as it is happening. Building a solid foundation will ensure that the business growth will take care of itself.

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Why you should use Lights at Wholesale?

Lights at Wholesale offers the same, and in many cases, a better quality product than their competition. Some of the places where they really shine are their:


Best in the industry LED bulbs

In a test with several different manufacturers, Lights at Wholesale bulbs lasted the longest and had the smallest percentage of lights that burnt out.

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Bright incandescent bulbs

Their bulbs do not fade as quickly in the sun, the colors are richer and not too dark, which leaves them looking even better at night than their competitors.

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Highest quality stringers and spools

Sockets falling off is a real problem during a holiday light install. With C9/C7 stringers and spools from Lights at Wholesale you are getting the highest quality of sockets available, that will not fall off.


Best male/female plugs on the market

Unlike their competitors the metal prongs on theirLights at Wholesale plugs will not bend in the cold and the plastic on the plugs are made with the right materials to keep them from breaking and shattering during the winter.

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Quick and free shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $399 and most orders ship out the same day. Allowing you to get your materials quickly and at the best cost for the success of your business.

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What other business owners say about Lights at Wholesale

“They are perfect for what we do.”

I've used about a dozen different Christmas light suppliers over the last 7 years running my lighting business. Lights at Wholesale has consistently educated us and provided us with the tools to scale our Christmas light company quickly and with minimal issues. I love that they help focus our business on the most important products instead of confusing my sales staff with countless SKU's and thick catalogs with a never ending array of options. They are perfect for what we do. Lighting trees and lighting homes for Christmas.

Dustin C.

“Everything is top notch quality and perfectly packaged.

Hands down the best supplier I have used, and will continue using long into the future. Everything is top notch quality and perfectly packaged. Lights at Wholesale is the best kept secret in Christmas Lights.

Luc S.
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FREDDY5 works nationwide

With Lights at Wholesale's fast shipping you get the best holiday lights at the lowest cost. When you have an order over $399 they toss in shipping for free, which is great for businesses that provide christmas light installation services or other holiday light installation services.

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Located in Utah County?

So is Freddy! Make sure to mention that and Freddy can deliver your lights to you. If you are buying for your own display at your business or residence and are located in Utah County. You can have your residential or commercial lights installed by Freddy Zahn and his team at Lawn Thumbs.